Personalized Training

We offer private and semi private lessons throughout the week that can accommodate all schedules.  Whether you are looking to improve basics or increase strength and speed, scheduling private lessons is the best way to see fast improvement.

Power Skating and Skills Clinics

Check In With Your Form

Join  us for an hour of power skating, strength building, and hockey skill development.  In this hour we focus on proper alignment and edge and puck control, while pushing our legs as hard as we can.  If you've ever felt like you had an empty tank at the end of a shift, be sure to challenge yourself with this clinic.  Check out our events page for dates and times.



Change It Up

As a coach, weekly hockey practices can become mundane or repetitive.  Wish your players were better skaters?  We are able to provide a fun and equally challenging hour of power for the whole team.  We can meet your team's needs and custom design drills that you can continue to run in each practice.

The HEAT Approach

"Bring the HEAT to your next game"